Design, Construction Supervision & Validation

We can provide geotechnical & geo-environmental consultancy services for a wide range of projects, including residential developments, commerical & industrial buildings, silos, tanks and infrastructure schemes. Our consultancy services include; geotechnical design, preparation of construction specifications & remediation method statements, liason with regulators (including Local Authorities, The Environment Agency, The Coal Authority and NHBC, etc), on-site supervision of construction, vaildation, and preparation of works completion reports.

  • We are experienced in earthworks using granular and cohesive materials, pfa, lime and cement stabilised soils and rock fill.
  • Design of development platforms and earthworks for reprofiling steeply sloping sites and backfilling of opencast mines and quarries.
  • Initial appraisals of proposals and investigation & testing of potential earthwork materials from either proposed borrowpit areas or existing stockpiles.
  • Desk studies, initial site reconnaissance and geomorphological mapping to determine the extent of existing and potential slope instability.
  • Embankment and cut slope assessment and design.
  • Investigation and assessment of landslips / slope failure and design of remedial works.
  • Rock fall hazard assessment.
  • Earthworks asset assessments and the design of management strategies.
  • Desk Studies and Phased Intrusive Investigations.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment.
  • Integrated remediation and engineering solutions, including pragmatic approaches for minimising off-site disposal of materials, including (bio remediation, lime treatment, encapsualtion, etc).
  • Preparation of remediation specifications and method statements.
  • On site supervision of remedial works.
  • Production of validation reports and remediation statements.
  • Geotechnical design of foundations, including: conventional spread foundations (strip, trench fill, pad and raft), displacement and non-displacement piled options.
  • Design, specification and supervision of various ground improvement techniques, including: dynamic compaction, vibro-compaction, vibro-stone and vibro-concrete columns; soil mixed columns; surcharging and accelerated consolidation.
  • Geotechnical design of retaining structures, including: traditional gravity and cantilever reinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls; gabion; criblock and reinforced earth walls; piled retaining walls, including king post and panel, contiguous and secant bored pile walls; diaphragm walls; and soil nailing.
  • Specification, management and supervision of stabilisation works to infill shallow underground mine workings and cavities.